Timmion Records: Bobby Oroza "This Love Part 1 & 2"

Timmion Records: Bobby Oroza "This Love Part 1 & 2"

First pressing with black labels, no picture sleeve.

Following up Fred's quickly selling out single, Timmion sub-label Stylart rolls out another deep with a beat beauty with singer Bobby Oroza. Bobby's own story in soul music is still mostly unwritten, but listening to this effort he might have something cooking.

Weirdly enough this is not the first time, the name Oroza has been inscribed on record labels in Finland. Most of the people in his immediate family have worked in the music and entertainment field in Finland starting from Bolivian transplant Gonzalo Oroza, Bobby's grandfather, who recorded an album of latin cancions in 1972 for the EteenpƤin label.

Bobby's This Love is unpretentious music about love, romance and heartache, that should take your mind towards Californian sunsets and gleaming vehicles. Stylart is the new story of underground soul in Finland, and it's only getting started. Hop on for the ride.

Standard 45 $ 7.99
This Love - Part 1
This Love - Part 2
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