Carlton Jumel Smith "Ain't That Love" 45

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B side: Instrumental

Continuing the series of single releases from Carlton Jumel Smith's album "1634 Lexington Ave." is a beauty of a track in the form of "Ain't That Love". In soul music guitar doesn't always take lead the way it does here played by Seppo Salmi of Timmion house band Cold Diamond & Mink. You might know those tracks like Darondo's "Didn't I" or "Oh Love" by Iron Knowledge that begin with a guitar line that just freezes the heart.

And there's of course one soulful guitar man we can't leave out here. If Carlton ever put his Bobby Womack to the front, it might be the case with this mid-tempo shuffler. Carlton always sings like he's squeezing the last drops of emotion from the human race, but in this number he's really aiming for the cherry. Cold Diamond & Mink supply the right ingredients for the mix with a strong beat and mellowed out horn melodies.

If there's one single you want to pick from Carlton's album for those Autumn Sundays looking through the window or walking in the park, make it this one.