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Love Can Last Forever

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A certain level of soulful expression can be reached only when stars align correctly up there as well as down here. Once in a while a new track comes along that fools you into thinking you are listening to some lost re-discovery from the catacombs of American soul.

The first release on Timmion Records' new Stylart imprint should leave a lasting mark on all friends of quality soul balladry. Love Can Last Forever by the enigmatic Fred is the tune that will turn your heart to the love side whether you hear it at the end of a heavy club night, gripping on the wood grain wheel, or leaning on the bars of the penitentiary. 

Who is Fred then, you might ask. Suffice to say he is a complicated man, who possesses a buttery falsetto and the rare power to turn banal testimonies of heartache and love into cathartic magic. This basically means he has soul, and we don't state this lightly here at Timmion. After his first release, there are a few other heaters lined up, so be prepared for Fred, his star is rising.