Freddy DeBoe "Lora Blu" / "Lost at Sea" 45

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Sometimes it seems there are only two kinds of people, those that have been to paradise and those that dream of finding it. The warmth and beauty of the lolling sun, sand and sea; the magic of your first moonlit night under the palms, caressed by trade winds and eager for romance. If you are one of the dreamers who have not yet made this most pleasurable of pilgrimages, this 45 will be your jet clipper or luxury liner straight to enchantment. "Lora Blu's" intoxicating, exotic rhythm surrounds you in tropical splendor, pouring out of speakers like crystal blue water direct from the source. "Lost at Sea" conjures the mysterious fog that exists in the deepest corners of our collective psyche, pushing you farther and farther out into the abyss where hidden treasures and mythic monsters dance under rolling swells of the deep black depths. So sit back, close your eyes, and take a trip with Freddy DeBoe and Co..