Masino "All I Need" b/w "I'm Lonely"

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Available May 24th

What started as a lo-fi, bedroom project for prolific writer, producer and multi-instrumentalist, Anthony Masino (whose name you may have seen credited on records by Thee Sacred Souls, Lee Fields and Jensine name a few), has blossomed into a curated garden of soulful, indie gems. A perfect snapshot of Masino's unpretentious, anglophilic pop sensibility "I'm Lonely" is set to a laid back groove that lulls you into a technicolor dreamscape of raw emotion and swirling guitars as he struggles to find hope within the omnipresent dread of loneliness. Featuring fellow producer Joe Harrison on flute, and Jensine Benitez on backing vocals, "All I Need" is a beat-forward banger whose soulful swagger and sparse arrangement is sure to get some attention from beat makers and producers alike. If you're a fan of the west coast sounds coming out of Penrose Records, don't sleep on this record.