Lee Fields "Waiting on the Sidelines" 45

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Since the release of the Sentimental Fool, Lee Fields has been touring relentlessly, playing to capacity crowds all across the US and EU. The fruits of which have culminated in his song "Forever" being featured in 2023ʼs top rated Super Bowl commercial, further solidifying Lee as the king of soul.

In keeping with the momentum it is our pleasure to announce the release of his brand new single "Waiting on the Sidelines". Written by Thomas 'TNT' Brenneck (MSB, Charles Bradley, Diamond West Records) this beat-ballad grooves low and slow, giving Lee ample room to unleash a heart- breakingly soulful display of vocal acrobatics–an absolute must-have for fans of the Penrose sound. On the flip you'll find "You Can Count on Me", an in demand, upbeat moover previously only available on a limited edition 12" EP. Now bow to the king!