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Menahan Street Band

The Wolf b/w Bushwick Lullaby

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The "Make the Road" community center applauds the final recordings sessions at the legendary Menahan Street Bedroom Studio of Tom Brenneck; no longer will they be bombarded by the sounds of MSB playing right above their office at all hours of the day and night.

The MSB challenges the Budos Band to a duel with "The Wolf ", the fast-paced ethio-tinged number that has recently served as the opening song of their on-stage appearances. The song evokes unique imagery in the mind -- part sun-drenched ethiopian desert, par t frozen northern tundra. This song is dedicated to Joe "The Wolf " Colgan for building the new Dunham Studios. Without telling Michels and Movshon, Brenneck put a little something special in their gin and tonics. The result is "Bushwick Lullaby", a highly syncopated slow placed number entirely indicative of the participant's mind-state at the time of recording. Next time you put your kids to sleep, why not sing them the "Bushwick Lullaby"?

Attention!! In retaliation to the challenge, 2 members of the Budos Band broke into the Dunham Art files and switched the song titles on the 45 label. "The Wolf " is actually "Bushwick Lullaby", and vice versa. This will be corrected in the next pressing.