Carlton Jumel Smith

This is What Love Looks Like! / Instrumental

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Prolific soul man Carlton Jumel Smith made a fresh opening into deep vintage soul sounds with his Timmion single debut. Now he's back for more with the dancefloor track "This is What Love Looks Like,” paving the road towards his album, which is dropping on Timmion at the beginning of 2019. Think of classic funky soul with a little bit of Chicago, some Tighten Up guitar and blaring horn melodies, and you get an idea, where this energizing groove is headed. Carlton gets going with his soulful testimony, while the A-list of Finnish soul and jazz players from Tuomo Prättälä and Jimi Tenor to Jukka Eskola strengthen the Cold Diamond & Mink band to new heights. If the first single dripped with heartaches and bitterness, this one is a monumental sonic heart emoji instead, seasoned with sweet sunshine. Even though Carlton can play any part the lyric casts him in, the conveyor of positivity suits him well. In real life it's not rare to see the man smiling, and when performing he oozes with peace, love and soul, turning the audience inside out. Here he's laid down one for the dancers!