Jensine Benitez "Ilusión de Amor" 45

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Jensine gracefully steps into the spotlight with this debut Penrose 45, featuring Thee Sacred Souls. When performed live, her mellifluous voice and commanding stage presence sends the crowd into a frenzy of adoration and unadulterated joy. With this single she enriches that charm with honeyed melodies set to floaty rhythms that are sure to have you bobbing your head with the windows rolled down. “Ilusión de Amor” is a lilting lament sung en español about a forlorn lover whose deep, brooding sadness has left them yearning well beyond any hope of reconciliation. On the flip is “The Sparkle in Your Eyes,” a vibey, mid-tempo mover that will have couples crowding dance-floors for decades to come. A stunning two-sider that epitomizes the kind of soul music we dig. Snatch this one up quick, or tears may fall..