The Ar-Kaics - Just My Life / It's Her Eyes

The Ar-Kaics - Just My Life / It's Her Eyes

WICK Records is back to the 45rpm format, that is, with a brand spankin' new release by Richmond, Virginia’s own, The Ar-Kaics. If you’re fortunate enough to own one of their long out- of-print singles (all six sold out quickly, on various labels), or lucky enough to have seen one of their

frantic live performances, then you’re already aware of how amazing this band is. For those not so familiar, here’s a brief introduction: If you like ‘60s garage rock, there is no contemporary band that does a finer job at it.

On their last trip up to NYC - after marveling over the shocking variety of nightlife and sustenance options available to New Yorkers, yet absent in their native Virginia - the gang made their way over to the famed House Of Soul to put to tape the very tracks we humbly offer up here, on seven inches of recycled petroleum-based wax.

The A-side, “Just My Life” is a guitar laden dance floor creeper, with just a hint of late ‘60s Psychedelia added to taste. Flip it on over for “It’s Her Eyes”, a sparse ballad whose protagonist pleads how just one look at his mystery girl’s eyes has him pledging unconditional love. Kind of like reading your kid brother’s diary and coming to the horrifying realization that he is cooler than you.

“Take ‘em both together, one after the other, for maximum affect.” -Sugarman

MP3/320 $ 1.98
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WAV $ 1.98
45 $ 5.00 $ 7.00
Color Vinyl 45 $ 5.00 $ 8.00
Just My Life
It's Her Eyes