The Sha La Das "Just for a Minute" / "Silver Linings" 45

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Just in time to quell your winter blues...! Staten Island's psychedelic, doo-wop dignitaries return with another pair of extraordinarily soulful sides. Heralded as one of the standout tracks on Love in the Wind, "Just for a Minute" has been at the very top of the "Damn, Daptone...Why wasn't this one on 45?" list. So when we pitched the idea producer Tommy 'TNT' Brenneck he delivered the perfect accoutrement, "Silver Linings". Featuring Paul Schalda on lead vocals, "Silver Linings" is an atmospheric groover with haunting keys and a pleading vocal that finds the group exploring the more psychedelic side of their sound. A bonafide two-sider from one of the most dynamic groups in the game.