Vicky Tafoya "The Moment" 45

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Anyone who has had the pleasure of seeing Vicky sing live knows she's one of the most talented singers in the game. Her presence and command on stage has the unique ability to make you feel like she's singing each and every note directly to you. Just being in her orbit for 30 min will have you walking away feeling like you've experienced something special. On this single Vicky flexes her range and writing chops with two deep, deep bluesy ballads of the highest caliber. "Love Don't Treat You Fair" is a tale of despair that creeps along like a long lost Little Willie John session for King. With "The Moment" Vicky delivers an incredibly soulful vocal (ala Etta James) that is so natural and classic its hard to imagine it wasn't recorded 50 years ago. If bluesy soul is what you're after...look no further!