Benny Trokan

Do You Still Think of Me

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Available August 23rd. This is a pre-order. 

You may recognize this fine fellow as the bass player for such acts as Spoon, Lee Fields' Expressions, Reigning Sound and The Jay Vons. Or perhaps you’ve heard the man himself wailing away on several well-received 45s released on Wick Records–compiled on the 2022 digital EP "Hey Lovers?"

With Do You Still Think of Me, his debut album for Wick Records, Trokan takes the listener through the full spectrum of 60s influenced music: the moody teen-beat bop of “Save a Place,” the garage dwelling angst of “Nowhere to Be Found,” to the sweet soul sound of the title track. But throughout the record, it’s the unique sound of Benny's raspy, vulnerable lead vocal that carries us across this truly stunning collection of modern pop. Do You Still Think of Me is a breath of fresh air from a well-seasoned veteran–unquestionably worth the wait.