Daptone LP Record Box

Regular price $ 45.00

                                                                                                                                                            Custom designed Daptone Records LP record box featuring the classic Daptone logo on the inside of the lid. 

Each LP case can hold up to Thirty 12" records based on the type of record sleeve (paper or PET lined), & type of outer sleeve protector used for a Picture Sleeve. These cases are similar variations in style & graphics to those seen on some of the old “Platter-pak” cases sold from the mid-1950s to early 70’s.

Designed & engineered with attention to detail to create a significantly stronger, higher quality, & more secure case. Strong dual-layer wall construction, wide hand-made hidden rivet-tails for permanent hardware attachment, an exclusive custom comfort handle, and a safety latch to prevent “accidental” openings like many older cases did.