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The Daptone Mug

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Feast your eyes on the newest member of Daptone’s illustrious family of consumer products…The Dap-Mug.  That’s right folks FINALLY you can sip upon the elixir of your doings while looking sleek, seductive, and downright soulful. Made from only the highest caliber ceramic,  rejoice in the envy of your coworkers as you sip from what the “In Crowd” is calling, “the future of enjoying beverages”.  

And to prove that we’re serious: Here are just a couple testimonials we have chosen, completely at random, from literally… thousands!

Bosco Mann raves, “a deluxe mocha, half soy, half skim latte has never tasted so legitimate.”

Daisy Sugarman gushes, “My god, I can drink booze at work and no one will be the wiser.”

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