Gerald Bailey "Migration Climate" LP (Potions)

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From Our Friends at Potions Music NYC.
Migration Climate... is a call to action, an attempt to slow a flood of hardship, positively protesting accepted norms that aim to divide. There are great challenges ahead and this is no time to step aside.

As a multi-instrumentalist, Gerald set out to make a record in isolation, reorganizing established sounds and beats into bedroom jazz. Conceptually following the themes of migration, social evolution, upheaval, and positive change, he sculpted layers of overdubbed trumpet, flugabone, drums, and keyboards, utilizing a simple recording setup.

"The final product is one of layered depths, weaving recycled thoughts and emotions, wrapping the listener in enjoyment and beauty like their favorite recycled t-shirt. Finding new inside the old, comfort over dismay, and color in black and white, proving everything is anew when we choose to look at it differently."