Doug Shorts

Get With The Program / Heads or Tails

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Look who's back! Just in time for your late summer soirées, Doug "Master Plan" Shorts offers up another pair of modern soul movers guaranteed to tear up the club and backyard boogie-downs alike. The A-Side, Get with the Program, drops hard with a bass line and groove reminiscent of ESG at their best, but the relaxed feel and smooth vocal lend the tune a sophistication that elevates it to another level altogether. As Doug pleads with his potential lover to "Get with the Program" it's hard not to imagine that he's also speaking to the greater soul community. For those not already down with Doug's program, now's the time...act like ya know!  On the flip we find our protagonist pleading with yet another prospective ladylove, this time accompanied by a bouncy, mid-tempo groove and Mary Jane-esque synth line. Heads or Tails would have well at home on Chicago's boogie scene in the early '80s, but it doesn't ever sound dated. Both side of this superlative disc drip with positive vibes and unassailable groove.  Summer of 2019 NEEDS this record! 

Produced by Homer Steinweiss & Frank Dukes.