Harry James

Off the Record (Potions)

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From our friends at Potions Music NYC.
Chicago drummer and pianist Harry James Brenner Jr, returns to the Tascam 4 Track with an aggressive third LP, “Off The Record”. Staying in his intimate and sentimental bag, Off The Record continues to provide warm and welcoming environments that perpetuate ghostly memories and familiar sounding strangers gliding through time and space.

Harry evolves and elevates his sound on the non-amplified electric piano of “Mickey’s Mantle”, and rips some into apocalyptic territory on songs like “Dread of the Day” and “Crusher of Babylon”. His talents as an engineer, composer and performer are strewn across 16 tracks of beauty, bringing his talented friends Gerald Bailey, Rob Frye, Keefe Jackson and Dave McDonnell into the fray. “Every player’s moves on this piece are crucial. We are doing it in Chicago. These players are seasoned, ready, and are golden examples of newness. Always changing, always true.”