Johnny Ruiz & the Escapers "Oralia" 45

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From our friends at Parkside Records. Out January 20th.

When a young man’s in love, sometimes it’s hard to let go. The dream of what “could have been” and the good memories that seem to mask the bad ones. Knowing you’re to blame but without the ability to accept it. Asking her to stick around when you know she shouldn’t. Johnny wrote “Oralia” in the grips of this pain and loss. “I can’t believe the time would come when I would watch you leave!” He was going through it but haven’t we all? Sometimes the only medicine is making music....

“Oralia” is a mid-tempo, Latin soul tune that will instantly help your head nod and also
remind you of that love that got away. Johnny’s falsetto hugs the track while the Escaper’s mighty horns and rhythm section lock in to create what is set to be one of the underground soul scenes hottest 45’s of 2023! The flip “Believe Me” is an ode to The Escapers love of doo-wop and street harmony. Originally sung with The Skyliners, this song is destined for late night cruises on California concrete.