Los Yesterdays "Who Made You You?" 45

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Click HERE to see them live at the Record Release Party with The Altons, Vicky Tafoya, and Jonny Benavidez - February 14th in Santa Ana, CA.

On the heels of their smash hit "Nobody's Clown," Los Yesterdays’ return with "Who Made You You?" - whose dark feel coupled with singer Victor Benavides' bell-like timbre makes for a dichotomy of vibes that makes for a sinister groover that's sure to get heads bobbing at discerning Dj nights around the globe.  Imagine Eddie Holman cutting a side for Fania and you're getting warm. On the other side of this future-classic you'll find quite possibly the best version of Richard Berry's classic "Louie Louie '' since the Kingsmen! Giving it the low and slow treatment, Los Yesterdays alters its DNA, creating a bonafide ballad banger poised to turn-on a whole new generation of folks to this R&B party fave. 

"Who Made You You?"

 "Louie Louie"