Orquesta Akokán "Mi Conga Es De Akokan" 45

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"Mi Conga es de Akokán" is built on the Conga de los Hoyos rhythms from Santiago de Cuba. Saxophones and trombones alternate with vocals imploring the listener to dance over intensely syncopated percussion, leading to a melodic flight by the masterful trumpeter Reinaldo "Molote" Melian. The horns re-enter, and the Orquesta takes off to soaring heights of rhythmic intensity and sophistication. "La Guajira" is a slow country rhythm told by the tres guitar and percussion onto which horns and strings add slinking, narcotized harmonies. Pepito tells a sensual tale of romance with a girl from the country (la guajira),  which slowly builds in intensity over soneos, coros and mambos until all parts interlock in a lugubrious climax.