Walker Family Singers - Panola County Spirit
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$ 9.99 Album
$ 9.99 Album
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The Lord Is Blessing Me
Jesus Gave Me Water
My Time Will Come
Had My Chance
Chilly Jordan
Make Me Real
Leave That Liar Alone
There Will Be A Fire One Day
Jesus Died On Calvary
Oh Lord Hear My Voice
Jesus Walk With Me
Sweet Home
Don't Wonder About Him
Old Ship Of Zion
Living Testimony
Shake My Mother's Hand
He Didn't Have To Wake Me

Walker Family Singers - Panola County Spirit

In April of 2010, Robert, Bobby, Alberta, Delouse, and Patricia gathered at the home of their parents, Raymond and Joella Walker to make a recording with Michael Reilly. It would be Reilly’s third venture to record the a capella gospel tradition of Como, Mississippi for Daptone Records. It was during his first recording (The Voices of Panola County: Como Now) that he encountered the Walker family and learned of their great musical tradition. Raymond Walker was courted by both Fred McDowell and Sam Cooke - each asked him to sing behind them on tour. Respectfully, Raymond declined, on account that the singers wanted him to sing blues rather than gospel. However, it was the Walkers’ voices and not their rich history that captured the attention of Daptone and inspired Reilly’s return to Como to make a full-length record of the Walker family songs. Recorded in their living room, these performances are as deep and stirring as they are unembellished. Take a moment to take in Panola County Spirit, with The Walker Family Singers.

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