Johnny's Uncalled Four

"Please Say" / "Daydream" 45

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Available for the first time on vinyl in 55 years, we have two sought after sides from legendary Ohio teen combo, Johnny's Uncalled Four. The A side, "Please Say", was originally released via a scare pressing on the groups' own "Magic Label" and has since been reissued on several CD compilations (Psychedelic States, Teenage Rebellion to name a few). The track was recorded at the infamous Gateway Recordings in Pittsburgh, and penned by singer, John Golden - and if the name sounds familiar that's because it is thee John Golden of Golden Mastering fame. The track is a moody, angst ridden slice of teen rock that was ahead of the curve with regards to the proverbial garage rock explosion of 1966. The B side, "Daydream", originally released as the B-Side to their insanely rare debut single on the obscure WAM records label (Youngstown, OH), is a sublime instrumental ballad whose breezy feel and gorgeous guitar melody will take your mind back to the carefree summers of adolescence. In a time when every garage in the country had some kind of racket blaring out of it, Johnny's Uncalled Four were one of the few groups whose undeniable craft elevated them beyond the cement confines of their suburban home, and into the year 2020 for a whole new generation of rabid rock n roll fans to devour. A must for fans of Nuggets, Back From the Grave, Pebbles, Teenage Shutdown, et al.