Los Yesterdays "Nobody's Clown" 45

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With their debut Penrose single still fresh in the playboxes of discerning Soul DJs across the globe, Los Yesterdays return with a one-two punch of mid-tempo excellence. This one's a must for fans of Eddie Holman and Billy Stewart alike. The delicate, sparse piano intro of "Nobody's Clown" -- courtesy of Tommy 'TNT' Brenneck' -- gives way to a drop so deep we've named it the "Lie Detector Drop". 

Why, you ask? Well, if you consider yourself a lover of soul music and your heart rate doesn't waiver when that beat drops....you lyin'. Now that the grooves in you, allow Mr Victor Benavides to serenade you with his tale of a forlorn love affair. On the flip is a 6/8 moover that finds our protagonist pleading for one more chance. And after that A side, I think you'll all agree... it's a reasonable request.