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Naomi (Shelton) Davis

"Promised Land / Instrumental"

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For some folks Soul Music is about Rhythm. For other folks it's about Heart. But for a few of us it's about something else: Drive. What is Drive? It's something that can't really be put into words in its entirety. It's more like a feeling that you get from someplace down deep inside. Someplace that tells you that no matter how hard things become, no matter what stands in your way, you've got to keep moving on. You've got to dance. You've got to work. You've got to love. You've got to win, and you've got to lose. But most of all, you've got to keep climbing until you reach the top of this mountain we call Life. Naomi Davis has spent her life singing gospel, and you can bet that with her deep, soulful voice she's got Drive in spades! With it's strident beat and inspiring message, Promised Land is a record that will have you walking through the streets with your head held high. . . with Soul Determination. . . and with Drive. . .It's Loaded!