The Altons "Float" 45

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This is a pre-order. Out February 24th.

Click HERE to see them live at the Record Release Party with Los Yesterdays, Vicky Tafoya, and Jonny Benavidez - February 14th in Santa Ana, CA.

The Altons turn up the heat with another platter produced by the Inland Empire's own, Bosco Mann. A soulful duet at its core, "Float" finds the group exploring new realms of  pop excellence. The sophisticated arrangement and instrumentation gives the tune a cinematic feel that builds to a crescendo of psychedelic, swirling strings - immersing the listener in a wash of Morricone-tinged euphoria.  A track that wouldn't be out of place in the next Double-O-Seven blockbuster. On the flip is "Cry for Me", a latin-tinged mover featuring Adriana Flores on lead vocal. Her pleading, soulful delivery gives the bouncy, hook-laden tune a seriousness that's simultaneously uplifting and heartbreaking. 

"Cry For Me"