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The Olympians "Sirens of Jupiter" b/w "Apollo's Mood"

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200 copies available with 'random' color vinyl. 1 per customer.

The Olympians' first single on Daptone Records exudes mystery, rhythm and soul with each groove of the record. Produced and engineered by keyboard player Toby Pazner, the two tracks are emblematic of the sound he created for the bands self-titled debut LP. After traveling to Greece to play at the foot of the Acropolis and swimming in the Aegian sea, Pazner was visited by a toga-cloaked figure who tasked him with telling the story of the ancient Olympians through song. After the vision reappeared night after night, Pazner had no choice but to fulfill the calling, and work on the LP began. The A-side, "Sirens of Jupiter" features every instrument at Pazner’s disposal right out of the gate. Dueling harps, tough drums, low octave piano and percussive bass are all met with shrill strings that descend into the entrance of the horns. From there, the groove doesn’t stop until the needle is at the classic Daptone label. The B-side, "Apollo’s Mood" embodies what Pazner thinks would be playing while Apollo sits in the blazing sun on the beach sipping some wine and watching the waves go by on a day-off.