Thee Baby Cuffs "You're My Reason" 45 (Timmion Records)

Thee Baby Cuffs "You're My Reason" 45 (Timmion Records)

From our friends at Timmion Records:

The rola cracks off with Joe sweet talking his way out of ending up in the dog house.

Reality Jonez, known for his falsetto on "A Million Girls", joins Thee Baby Cuffs, convincing her once again that there's a million girls in the whole wide world but "You're My Reason".

Just in case plain English ain't enough, Gilberto further convinces her in Spanish, "Mi Chicanita, mi chula baby, you're my reason".

Joe goes on into a barrio love story, "I try to stay out of trouble, but sometimes, trouble seems to find me, all I need is someone I can tell my troubles…." And just to let her know she's special, Joe and Gilberto end with, "without you, there is no me."

The rola is packed with gutsy dynamic vocals, bilingual lyrics, harmony and a rhythm section spoiled in Gold, Diamonds and Mink Coats by none other than Finland's finest, Cold, Diamond and Mink.

Standard 45 $ 7.00
Color 45 $ 8.00
You're My Reason
You're My Reason (Instrumental)